About me

Mira Rządzka

Doctor of health sciences, neuro – speech-language pathologist, myotherapist, early intervention specialist, Manual Dysphagia Therapy, Manual Laryngeal Therapist, international Buteyko Method instructor, Certified MFS Functional Orthodontics Therapist, Esther de Ru ETTHNO Method, feeding therapist, Shantala Special Care instruktor.

I received my PhD at the Pomeranian Medical University, with a dissertation on the effects of myotherapy in oral disorders in newborns and infants. I am an academic lecturer in neurologopedic subjects. I also teach issues related to the oral physiology of children and adults (swallowing and breathing disorders, muscle dysfunctions), and I specialize in working with children with developmental challenges. I cooperate with centres in several cities, including the Medical University of Wrocław, the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and the Pedagogical University of J. Korczak in Warsaw. I also lectured at the University of Zielona Góra and the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw.

I am also the author of many scientific publications for speech therapists, a reviewer of numerous items on early speech therapy interactions and speech therapy aids, the author of the book „Oral reflexes in newborns and infants. Early diagnosis and stimulation” (the most popular book of the Impuls publishing house in 2019).

My passion is the concept of myotherapeutic support for the development of reflexes and oral functions in children, especially in newborns and infants. My particular interest in therapy is building a foundation of anatomical and physiological regularities, such as swallowing and breathing. In Poland, I initiated a myotherapeutic approach in preparation for frenulotomy. I am the author of the project „Frenulotomy, parent support, child support”, co-author of the book „Prevention and therapy of respiratory dysfunctions in children”.

I co-founded the Polish Association of Speech Therapists, and also I was the initiator of the social action for speech therapists, „Free Speech Diagnosis Day” (FSDD).