I am pleased to provide you with the first of its kind in Poland, free e-learning on supporting

parents and children before and after undercutting the frenulum of the tongue and upper lip.

The community of speech therapists, neuro speech-language pathologists, lactation consultants, physiotherapists and orthodontists consulted the project widely. 

Material provided:

– is the result of many years of my research on the ability to receive touch in the oral area of children requiring myotherapy and study on the effectiveness of these interactions,

– is aimed at supporting a sense of security and the habituation process,

– helps build the competencies of parents and therapists,

– the content of the project is consistent with the knowledge of oral physiology,

– based on the latest research on growth and proliferation factors.


· The content of the project is provided free of charge to be used for: 

therapeutic by therapists, specialists, parents and other interested people.

· The design of the content on the website is intended for online use only on the website

· Online dissemination of the project content (including electronic) is allowed only via sharing a link to the project’s website.

· Offline content dissemination of the project is allowed only in the original version as a book.

· It is unacceptable to publish or share the project’s content in whole or in part (incl in the form of photocopies, printouts, copies of files, copied graphic files and other unauthorized forms, etc.).

· In particular, it is restricted to use the project’s content without the author’s consent in all kinds of commercial activities (such as training, publications, materials information etc.). 

We hope that the shared project will make it easier for professionals and parents to support children with the shortened frenulum.


For doctors and therapists: